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What’s wrong? This variegated sage is cleary not happy. Any thoughts?




Is it in a pot or container of some sort, its hard to tell, looks like a zinc watering can, or is that not what I'm looking at? If it is in a container and it is a watering can, how long's it been in there with the other plant?

10 Jun, 2018


Main thing, has it got drainage? It can get into a small bush so needs regular trimming or more room.

11 Jun, 2018


Yes has got drainage. Was planted about two weeks ago but obviously not happy there! Yes bamboo it is in a zinc flowering can planter, maybe should transfer to a teracotta pot on its own?

11 Jun, 2018


It needs to be on its own, also better off in the ground, preferably in a reasonably sheltered spot - these are shrubs really

11 Jun, 2018

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