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Is anyone able to identify this plant/weed? It has small purple flowers and appeared in the garden last year. Sorry, not the best photos, the second one is taken from above the plant. Thanks in anticipation.

P1090108 P1090110



Linaria purpurascens?

10 Jun, 2018


Well even weeds are plants but I know what you mean---I like it and have it in my garden. Keep it if you like it.Its only drawback is that it does seed itself very freely but its easy to pull up any you don't want..

10 Jun, 2018


Thank you Owdboggy, Steragram, I have now been able to read up about it. I have seen bees on the flowers so it will be staying.

10 Jun, 2018


It's a pretty wildflower and can come in pink and white as well, loved by insects and as Stera says can be easily removed from where it's not wanted, welcome in my garden.

11 Jun, 2018


Its so pretty. I love ‘Canon Went’ the pink named variety. Sadly it doesn’t seem to be so prolific. I’ve had it and managed to lose it.

11 Jun, 2018

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