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Anybody know why I have 1 frilly white bloom amd 1 pale pink cup shape on my paeony ..both on same main stem?
The ants seem to love it and don't seem to be harming it in any way, scent is beautiful.

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It's a genetic anomaly due to unstable chromosomes. Hey! I sound like a scientist! I'm not! It's 8th grade Biology. In certain hybrids, certain traits show up more evident at times. These are all elements of the parent plants that were crossed to make this hybrid. The same thing happens with my dahlias - I'll have various colors at one time. Enjoy the show.

11 Jun, 2018



11 Jun, 2018


Thanks guys. Bathgate, your 8th grade biology teacher must be very proud of you as you should be of yourself! Science isn't my forte and to prove it I sat my O level Chemistry 3 times before I passed..nothing if not determined!

12 Jun, 2018


LOL, well, truth be told, I only remember this class because I had a serious crush on my teacher, blush!

12 Jun, 2018


Funny how much effect on learning liking the teacher has isn't it?

13 Jun, 2018

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