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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

A friend has set a couple of different tomato plants this year, one of them being a beef tomato - see below.
But it’s ended up with in small round bunches toward the top.
We’ve never seen this before.

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Looks like fasciation - is a genetic thing where flowers are produced very close and crowded. You can cut out the affected stems and if there isn't much it should be OK. If its low down the rest of the plant might be affected..
Don't think its anything to do with the variety. I saw a dandelion like it once with a flat stem half an inch across and loads of distorted flowers crushed up together at the top. Very odd.

12 Jun, 2018


I bought a tomato plant , cherry tomato and it looks exactly the same!

13 Jun, 2018


If it was like that when you bought it I'd take it back Colter.
check first that it isn't some sort of aphid scrunching hte leaves up though.

13 Jun, 2018


Thanks guys, friend gave me a couple of the same seeds and I have the same result on one of the plants that grew.

13 Jun, 2018

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