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i was repotting an Acer and these kept falling out...are they anything to worry about please?




Nothing to worry about. It looks like vermiculite which is a component of some potting soils. It's a mineral agent that helps aerate the soil and allows the plant to breathe & water to penetrate down to the root zone.

13 Jun, 2018


They are actually slow-release fertiliser capsules and have been confusing gardeners for decades. Squeeze one between your fingers and you should find that it will now crush like a small, dry eggshell.

13 Jun, 2018


Thank you Bathgate and Bulbaholic...was very worried !

13 Jun, 2018


You aren't alone Teddygirl - somebody asks this every year.

14 Jun, 2018


Thanks Steragram x

20 Jun, 2018



21 Jun, 2018

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