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By Aina

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi Aina again
been over allotment this morning and found that the radish seedlings have been nibbled.
No sign of slime so do noth think it is slugs.
Can any body shed any light as to waht it could be attacking them.

would put -photo but having trouble getting on to this site as message keeps coming up unsecure



Hi Aina. I’ve been getting that ‘Unsecure’ message as well. Can you contact admin please because when I did, I got a message to say that nobody else was having same issue so it must be my server. But its only happening for me on GoY, so if others report it we might get a solution.

Anyway, you dont always see the slime trails with the sluggies, and they are the most likely culprit...or pigeons maybe. What do you have growing with the radish?

14 Jun, 2018


If its the login that's insecure I get it from all sorts of places and it applies to sites with web address without the htps// prefix. Been having it from Goy for a long time. I think its something to do with whether its hackable or your details.

Agree re the slugs. Try a few pellets under a stone or slate or something nearby and see if you catch any.

14 Jun, 2018 happens when I try to upload photos sometimes, but never when I log in.

14 Jun, 2018


Steragram is right. It is to do with https and, in particular, affects people who use Chrome. Google decided that any site that doesn't use https would be branded as unsafe regardless.

My own site, I believe, comes with a warning for Chrome users but there's no earthly reason for me having https.

It's typical of the overkill of these sorts of companies.

15 Jun, 2018


Thanks for that info Poisongardener - I was a bit concerend as well.
Karen, I was a bit worried too but in view of the advice above I'd push on and ignore it.

15 Jun, 2018

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