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Honeysuckle flowers very tiny

I have what is supposed to be Lonicera Japonics Darts World that I planted last year against a sunny fence. I was expecting much bigger blooms than I have. These are almost insignificant, though plentiful and with little scent. Have I bought a wrongly labelled plant? It’s growing but just looks ropey. Will it do any better?

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I've never grown this one so not sure what kind of plant it makes. Your flowers do look a bit measly, but there's an image in the link below which doesn't look much different, even though its a sales picture

Personally, I'd always go for Lonicera periclymenum serotina or belgica, which have much larger and more striking flowers, and scent, if you have the space.

14 Jun, 2018


Thanks, Bamboo. It's as I thought but the honeysuckle was recommended by a nurseryman and garden designer because it was evergreen and I assumed he knew what he was talking about. Not a good choice, though, in my opinion so I think it will be dug out in the autumn.

Thanks again. Hope you're still doing well and hot having any further trouble.

15 Jun, 2018


Okay at the moment thanks - re the honeysuckle,, I couldn't understand why you chose that one, but never noticed it was evergreen. Whether you take it out or not depends on how desperate you are for evergreen cover on the fence I guess - you could put in a Trachelospermum jasminoides instead, but they do get large over time, though slow to start with.

15 Jun, 2018


I shall definitely take it out, Bamboo, as it looks quite pathetic. However, I have a clematis Viennetta very nearby which I moved there this year because it wasn't doing well in its previous situation, plus a Mahonia - Charity, I think. They should cover enough of next door's tatty fence.

Thank you for your comments.

18 Jun, 2018


Funnily enough, I was at a friend's house yesterday - she complained about her honeysuckle looking measly and having little or no scent - I'll give you three guesses which one it was! Yep, Dart's World... plenty of leaves, flowers present but relatively insignificant, and no detectable scent. She's taking hers out too...

18 Jun, 2018

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