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Another puzzle. I planted a cl. Sieboldii this Spring. Two flowers appeared at the bottom of the plant and both looked as they should - purple stamens. Now, these same two flowers have light green stamens, as has a newer bloom just above them. There’s no sign of purple at all. What’s going on?



I think we need a photo - C. seiboldii flowers mid to late summer, seems a little early for it to be flowering now. Did you prune it in February?

14 Jun, 2018


My Clematis Siebodii has some cream flowers with cream centres (if that makes sense). Only a third have purple centres, and they were quite slow to appear. Also planted this Spring . . . hope yours will improve.

15 Jun, 2018


No, Bamboo, I didn't prune it because I only bought it in the Spring. I had read somewhere that this variety could be temperamental but the garden centre pooh poohed it. Seems like what I read was right but I do love it - when it blooms as it should.

15 Jun, 2018


Well, better luck next year maybe...

15 Jun, 2018


I have put on a photo of mine, just to reassure you . . .

15 Jun, 2018


I used to have this and it had the 'standard' flower and then others as you describe. so its is variable despite what the gc said.

18 Jun, 2018

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