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Shrub I.D. please.
It's quite big. 4ft high, and around 10 ft across.

Actually Bamboo, I now think you are correct. I've tried to take a zoomed in pic, hope it shows up here.

Screenshot_20180615_092916 Received_2511239265569006



It looks quite like Arbutus unedo, but is it evergreen or not? and I can't see if there's any serration to the edges of the leaves, the photo doesn't magnify well... if the leaf edges are smooth, or its deciduous, its not that... it would be surprising if it was that, where you are, unless you have a warmish micro climate there.

14 Jun, 2018


Leaf edges are smooth, and it is evergreen.
I've now googled Arbutus undo, but I don't think that's it.

15 Jun, 2018


I think its Enkianthus campanulatus.

15 Jun, 2018


Hmmmm. Not sure Jimmy. The little flowers are not grouped in the same way.

15 Jun, 2018


Leaf edges are not smooth, actually - the close up you posted clearly shows a slight serration to the leaf edge. The big question is, did the dangling bell flowers remain pointed at the bottom, or open up a bit more? With both Enkianthus and Arbutus, the bells are a bit more open at the bottom...

15 Jun, 2018


I just noticed you changed the question- my comment just above is in response to yours in the second response of the thread...

15 Jun, 2018


I'll go back to look at the flowers this evening, to see if they are still pointy or have opened up.

17 Jun, 2018

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