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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

What happened to the so-called June drop this year ? Has it been and gone or hasn’t it been this year ?
Do I take some of these apples off or leave them a while a.




You may not have had the soi dit June drop, but we have.
It is generally recommended that in a cluster of fruit, you take out the one at the apex of the cluster. That means that the others then have room to develop fully. Never bother myself, too many trees to go over.

16 Jun, 2018


Plenty of tiny apples here Hank, all appeared on my lawn in the last day, now muggins has to clear them before the westie finds them, oh the joys of gardening with pets...

16 Jun, 2018


Ours only dropped over the last couple of days too, now the grass is covered!

16 Jun, 2018


'June drop' just describes an event, not necessarily tied to the month of June but we still have a couple weeks to go. Typically it's during the month of June but not all the time. Maybe the trees had a late start due to cold weather. It's when the tree can't support all the 'apples' that had developed.

Your apples look gorgeous and I'd leave them alone for now. Your trees are healthy and lush looking. Awesome! If any look squidgy or weird, you can pluck them off but I can't see anything to worry about at this point. The trees could have enough energy stored to deliver a 'bumper crop'. That happens too.

16 Jun, 2018


Many fruit trees get in the habit of alternate bearing, that is, they bear heavily one year, and sparsely the next. Thinning in the heavy years will even that out, as well as making the remaining fruit larger. If a ton of tasty pippin apples isn't a problem for you, then you don't have to worry about it.
Generally, the sooner after fruit set you thin, the larger and nicer the remaining fruit will be. The exception is those fruit that have something like June drop--the citrus we grow here have two such times--in which case, it is better to thin after the drop. Sometimes, the tree doesn't agree with you as to which fruit should have gone, and you wind up with next to nothing! :O

16 Jun, 2018


Many thanks for your replies, interesting reading. Incidentally my tree is loaded ever year. Never failed yet.

16 Jun, 2018


I have just spent an hour pickung up little ’applelets’ from my bramley apple tree. Wasn’t helped by the fact we’ve had strong winds the last couple of days as well.

17 Jun, 2018

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