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Please can someone tell me what this is ? There’s just the one

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Hi, welcome to GoY, it looks like a new growth shoot of some species of Euphorbia, possibly E griffithii 'fireglow', Derek.

17 Jun, 2018


I was thinking a saprophytic orchid or broomrape, myself, especially if there is no associated foliage.

17 Jun, 2018


Did it have leaves or was this all there was? (you can reply as another comment under these answers)

17 Jun, 2018


Hi Tug, you could be right, I was going off the fact that minne looks just like this when it first appears, the leaves seem to be stuck to the side of the shoot, and then develop into leaves as they get older, Derek.

17 Jun, 2018


Thank you so much for your help. I pulled it out because I thought it looked a bit weird !

29 Jun, 2018

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