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Does anyone know the name of this plant please,




I do believe that it's an oriental poppy.

17 Jun, 2018


Yes it’s poppy but the annual one, which will die back at the end of the season, if you scatter the seeds they will easily germinate and next year you will have many new Poppy’s, however they may not come true, meaning the flowers may differ from the flower you have now.

18 Jun, 2018


It's a peony flowering variety of Papaver somniferum, the opium poppy. It should be very popular with a range of pollinators so worth watching.

18 Jun, 2018


Lovely. They self seed in pink, deeper pink and mauve. Some years you get a lot, some years you're lucky if there's one. the seeds will scatter from the 'pepperpot' when ripe. Easily pulled up if they choose a spot where you don't want them. i love informality in my garden so keep most of them. Good for insects too. When the seed heads were empty and dry, my children used to paint them to make Christmas table centres.

18 Jun, 2018


I have them poppying up all over my front garden, there lovely, glad I now know the name of them LOL xx

19 Jun, 2018

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