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By Slimdil

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

Shrub identification please.
This was in our drive when we moved to this house 17 years ago. Love it. Would be nice to give it a name!

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Most likely Philadelphus - P. coronarius maybe.

18 Jun, 2018


Possibly a Deutzia, such D.gracilis. They're everywhere at the moment and can be told from Philadelphus because they lack the strong mock-orange scent.

18 Jun, 2018


I thought one of the single flowered Philadelphus types. if it has a wonderful scent then its not Deutzia as already said they don't have a scent.

19 Jun, 2018


Trouble is,Philadelphus doesn't always have a scent either - I had one in my large garden (when I had a garden at all) and nary a whiff of scent ever came off it. But most do have a scent...

19 Jun, 2018


Shame Bamboo - hope you spoke to it severely...

19 Jun, 2018


I didn't actually - it was right up the back of a lot of other shrubs, in a fair bit of shade, just as a filler, so I wasn't too bothered. Someone told me at the time that was why it didn't have a scent, too much shade. No idea if that's right or not though.

19 Jun, 2018


What a shame to hide it away. Shrubs have this habit of getting bigger and crowding things even when you thought you'd planned it properly...Mine do anyway.
Mine gets shade for half the day but so far it still smells nice.

21 Jun, 2018

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