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ID pleaseThese plants were growing in small pots outside

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

ID please

These plants were growing in small pots outside. I don't know what they are or whether they are windblown seedlings or even if I planted cuttings.
The one that looks like a Chrysanthemum smells musty and, I suspect, the other is, or will be given a chance, a tree. Can anybody identify them? Sorry about the photo quality. My son gave me his iphone6 and I'm still trying to get used to it.

Img_0064 Img_0067 Img_0070



Could the first one be an Actinidea, AKA Kiwi fruit?

18 Jun, 2018


The second one looks like a chrysanthemum.

18 Jun, 2018


3rd pic looks like some kind of squash

18 Jun, 2018


I thought the first one might be honeysuckle cuttings.

18 Jun, 2018


I thought the first one might be a honeysuckle cutting. sorry if this comes out several times, it seems to be having a hiccup!

18 Jun, 2018


I think honeysuckle for 1 and 2 and definitely Chrysanthemum for the last one.
I get lots of honeysuckle seedlings thanks to the birds sitting on pots and 'pooping'.

19 Jun, 2018


1 Honeysuckle,
2 Honeysuckle,
3 Chrysanthemum.

19 Jun, 2018


I also thought chrysanthemum but the leaves don’t smell like one. As I said before they smell a bit musty whereas chrysanthemums have a pleasant smell.

Honeysuckle? It’s possible I put a cutting in a pot but I don’t remember doing so. Ah, the joys of age!

Looks like it’s a case of wait and see then.
Thank you all.

19 Jun, 2018

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