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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Cousin tells me she got rid of horsetail using roundup, but somone else tells me it was useless on his. Is it worth trying ? I am plagued with the stuff.



I'd be surprised if it got rid of it completely - the only one I know that's effective is Kurtail Gold. I think some people have limited success with glyphosate by damaging the growth prior to applying it.

18 Jun, 2018


I agree with Bamboo. If you have lots then Kurtail Gold is the way to go. One or two bits might be killed with Glyphosate but you would need to treat it many times. There are other industrial grade treatments but only open to professional companies.

19 Jun, 2018


Thanks guys, looking for Kurtail Gold tomorrow,

19 Jun, 2018


I have it as well. Just phoned a company selling Kurtail gold that had a help line. They told me that even using this can take a few years, treating every year and that if your neighbours also have it but are not treating as well their side then it will just keep coming back as with my garden. :-(.

19 Jun, 2018


And its very, very expensive, Kurtail Gold... lord I'm glad I've never had to deal with that particular plant.

19 Jun, 2018


1st time I have come across it and wish I hadn't 😀

19 Jun, 2018


Theres a load of this on a slope about a mile from here and I’m just praying it doesn’t get here. I found some in my bought topsoil but thanks to my diligence at digging deep to get out the tiny seedlings, I think it’s gone. Terrible plant....although it is very pretty.

20 Jun, 2018

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