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By Kittt

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Need help. My pansies are looking limp and lethargic. They are getting leggy but I like them like that. They've just keeled over. The hanging baskets were quite dry even though I water every day. The pots of pansies felt quite damp, but they have both keeled over. Help, what can I do? Thank you.



It's time to revamp your baskets. Pansies are approaching dormancy. They are cool/cold weather plants and go dormant when the weather gets hot. They will be back however in the fall when the weather cools down. Try replacing them with impatiens, petunias. There is a plethora of options for hanging baskets - trailing tuberous begonias is popular, bacopa plant, sweet potato vine are popular choices too.

21 Jun, 2018


Bathgate, you are so knowledgeable, Its so hard for me to keep up 😿 but I will do my best for my babies x

21 Jun, 2018


Kitt, Bathgate is dead right. Pansies don't like the heat and if they were planted in the autumn for the winter and spring, then they are past their best. Summer planting is the way to go now. As you say they have become leggy and are also suffering from black spot and mildew.

21 Jun, 2018


Jimmy, I only planted them from young plants eight weeks ago though. They were thriving up to a couple of days ago.

21 Jun, 2018


You could try cutting them back fairly drastically and then feed and water and see if they regenerate. I have done this with mine and they seem to be gearing up for another flowering.

22 Jun, 2018


Thank you Pennyfarthin. Could another possibility be that there are too many plants in the pot and may be becoming root bound?

23 Jun, 2018

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