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How to take cuttings from this shrub? It has grown a bit woody and the pruning hasn’t been done sympathetically so wanted to take some cuttings. When is best and how? Thanks

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Looks like Potentilla fruticosa, so you still have time to take softwood cuttings from non-flowering stems.

23 Jun, 2018


I also think it's a Potentilla. I've rooted several pieces of it that may have broken off and they've all taken. Now I have too many! However, it will flower all summer as long as it gets a fair bit of sun.

In winter, though, you may think it's totally dead because it's just dry brown stems so don't be tempted to hack it back. If it needs a tidy do it when it's in leaf.

23 Jun, 2018


They do go woody - I don't think you can keep a mature one that doesn't. I never prune mine. They seem to have reached their mature size and need no care at all.This one looks as though its been pruned back beyond where new buds would break and I'd cut out all the dead wood and leave the rest. Pity its been grown on a leg but you can always grow something underneath it...If you take a few cuttings as well you could win both ways. But leave the cuttings to do their own thing.

23 Jun, 2018

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