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Hi everyone I'm new here, I will shortly be moving to a house with a small yard (I haven't had time to measure it yet) and I was wondering if people would like to show pics of their container/small gardens to help me with some inspiration.



Hi, and welcome to the site ...

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will see all the letters of the alphabet from left to right, in the green bar across the bottom.

Click on S
This will take you to a page with lots of underlined headings starting with the letter 'S'.
There is one on small gardens.

If you click on that you'll see lots of small garden photos from different members.

If you click on C you'll see 'Courtyard gardens' underlined in the list.
Click on it and you'll find lots of courtyard garden photos from members.

I hope this helps you.
Good luck with your new garden :)

23 Jun, 2018



23 Jun, 2018


Hi Yorkie, welcome to GoY. There are some amazing folk on here who will gladly help with any gardening question you may have. Enjoy your new garden x

23 Jun, 2018


My garden is really a courtyard which roughly measures 30' x 25' across. It's southwest facing and is sizzling in the afternoon sun. I have lots of pots with flowers, bulbs, herbs and clematis all doing well. I have a couple of beds, one which gets loads of sun in the afternoon and a north facing bed in which everything grows amazingly as it gets the sun down the side path from the east in the mornings. It has taken a lot more looking after than other gardens we've had because you have to make sure everything is well watered in the summer but in the winter it's more protected than an open garden. Happy gardening.

24 Jun, 2018

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