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A Cyclamen question.
Good day to you all on this wonderful Sunday. Looking at some pots that have Cyclamen, the leaves have gone and left 'springs and knobs' any ideas what they are ??
Thank you for any info.




At this time of year the cyclamen are going into dormancy and the leaves are dying off. Reduce water but don't dry out completely.
What you are asking about are the seed heads of the cyclamen. The flowers were pollinated and when the flowers died off the flower stalk retracted into this spring like feature and the balls are the developing seedheads. Come August time the heads will be ripe. The springs will push out again and the seed heads open up to reveal a lot of sticky seeds. These can be sown straight away and will give new corms ready to flower in a few years time. Give it a go and give some seed, you have a lot, to friends to try.

24 Jun, 2018


Looking at that picture again I think that the plant is outdoors rather than being a house plant cyclamen: in which case it will be Cyclamen hederifolium flowers from August to October time.
Forget what I said about watering, it does not apply. Only collect the amount of seed that you need to expeiment with and leave the others on the plant.The ants will come for the sugary coated seeds and deposite them around the garden where they may grow for you.

24 Jun, 2018


Gosh Bulba can you tell our ants to do that please.....

25 Jun, 2018


Theory, Stera, theory. I do find hederifolium plants popping up in our garden, which is wonderful. I no longer try to propagate them myself.

25 Jun, 2018


Haha. You are fortunate Bulba - I wish they did here, though they spread nicely where they are.

25 Jun, 2018


Thank you very much for the info Bulba, I will look forward to having lots more pretty cyclamen in the garden.
Thanks again.

25 Jun, 2018

How do I say thanks?

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