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Hi everyone, through ill health, I am finding it more difficult to keep on top of some aspects of gardening (I can't really carry heavy watering cans with plant food in). I have used the Miracle Gro Spray attachment on my hose, which is quicker and easier, but the NPK ratio is not ideal. Does anyone know of an alternative plant food that can be sprayed using the garden hose. I'd be very grateful for any suggestions.



I'm not a great fan of spaying nutrients combined with the garden hose. If some of you gardening is in containers, best to use slow release granules. For general use, why not use chicken pellets, blood, fish and bone, Growmore or Vitax Q4 pelleted fertiliser and just spray plain water.

24 Jun, 2018


I prefer dry fertilizer granules for general feeding myself. For the rare times that I want instant gratification, I use Grow-More brand soluble fertilizers. They will work in a Miracle-Gro sprayer, though I'm not sure if they are available overseas. There are also many brands of liquid fertilizer that will work with a standard hose-end sprayer, though not with a Miracle-Gro one, since the sprayers are designed differently.

25 Jun, 2018


Thank you very much for your suggestions, I will have to go the granular feed route from now on.

4 Jul, 2018

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