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I submitted a question the other day but unfortunately no-one replied so I am having another try.
My onions are coming along well but the foliage is no longer there for some reason. Are they OK? My neighbour has pulled his up today and they are looking good. What should I do???????




When did you plant them , seeds or sets .... normally it takes about 100 to 120 days

have you grown in full sun and well drained soil

if they have stopped producing shoots and the growth has started to die back they are ready to harvest now , dig them up and let them ripen in the sun for a week they will last longer also let the foliage dry off as well

hope that helps a little

24 Jun, 2018


Thanks Gnarly_gnon. They were planted in sets last November in open ground, sunny and well drained soil. Have not had this before. I also put some in containers and they still have their foliage.

24 Jun, 2018


All sound fine to me as they would be ready now to harvest , the ones in containers I have a feeling you have watered them more ... done well with the bad winter and weird spring weather

24 Jun, 2018


They will not grow any more once the leaves have gone.

24 Jun, 2018


Thanks again Gnary_gnon and as usual Steragram! I will start to pull these up then. Yes, the container ones have been watered more.
As an aside, I have also started to harvest my garlic as the leaves are starting to go brown.

24 Jun, 2018



25 Jun, 2018


Thanks Pb123!

26 Jun, 2018

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