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Does anyone know how big a laburnum tree gets to and is it OK to prune it



I've only had experience of a big one but there's quite a lot of info on the net abut smaller ones and pruning -worth a look. Assume you know both leaves and seeds are very poisonous, as I was firmly taught when I was very small.
Don't plant where they can fall into a pond.

24 Jun, 2018


They get about 25 feet high - you can prune, I used to do it annually immediately after the flowers were finished, mostly to prevent seed drop, but also to control the size - I just wanted it small where it was. Cut off flowered growths, but the trouible is, its a bit later than it should be done now, unless yours has only just finished flowering, and you may lose flowers next year.

25 Jun, 2018

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