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Hi I have a young cotoneaster tree. When planted we used a post which was too small. The tree was doing really. We replaced pole with a bigger one, no doubt hammering it into root. Since then the tree branches have dropped and leaves discoloured and dropping off. Do you think it’ll recover ?



I would cut the top back by 1/4 to 1/3, then water it with about 8 liters of pumpkin seed tea--take 12 ml of organic pumpkin seeds, chop them up coarsely, soak them overnight in a liter of pure water, pour through a fine sieve into the bucket, and dilute with more water to make 8 liters. Pumpkin seed tea contains natural precursors to root hormones, that help speed rot growth and healing. I got this recipe from a plant biochemist who is also a gardener.

25 Jun, 2018

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