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Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

Anyone any advice on a Ceanothus Skylark Californian Lilac, I simply couldn't resist as the flowers are so beautiful. I would like to make hedging from it. Does it last well?



Would be chary of using it for hedging where you are - doesn't like cold winds much.

26 Jun, 2018


It's supposed to be one of the hardier varieties--down to -12ยบ C--but it may suffer in a cold, wet summer. I would give it all the sun possible, and really sharp drainage. Think of a sunny beach on the coast of Oregon! :)

27 Jun, 2018


Well it would be a west facing sunny site for sure and the idea is to mix it in with a hedge which is being seriously cut back. We have started to dig down and it is rock hard, so hopefully it will be worth a try.
What's the worst that could happen???? Not sure that's the best motto to have but it's always been ours! Thank you for the help though - will keep you updated, it is a new project for the next couple of months

27 Jun, 2018


My thinking was the cold winter easterlies unless you are too far inland to be affected. You might try one plant for a couple of years to test it. But our Ceanothus which must be 20 years old lost lot of leaves and small branches this cold windy winter and our climate is much milder than yours. But I don't know which variety it is.

27 Jun, 2018

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