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Hi All
could you give me a ID on whats growing across the crescent see pics

Img_2974 Img_2971 Img_2974



Awww! I can’t think of its name, Oh! Is it Elderberry? It has white flowers & then the Black Cluster of Berries form, Mackey. Lovely Sauce to put on Ice Cream plus there are other things you can use them for. :o))
They grow into trees so beware, in the right setting the look nice & the birds like the berries too, don’t hang your washing out close by LOL.

26 Jun, 2018


Certainly looks like Elder. We had elderflower tea this afternoon - probably the last of the season.
(They only grow into little trees though.)

26 Jun, 2018


Yeah, definitely Sambucus...but a plain green one.

26 Jun, 2018


The common elderberry which has probably self-seeded beneath the private hedge. Probably better removed depending on how you all feel about it.

26 Jun, 2018


Perhaps select a few to leave in place. The flowers are pretty and the berries are a useful larder for the birds, all of whom are struggling to keep their numbers up. They are attractive small trees and do supply some shady places if people want to sit out there on the green. Elderflower cordial is lovely and the berries can also be used in several ways. I have one on the outside of my fence and it is a great food source for the birds, which I enjoy watching.

27 Jun, 2018


Just noticed there is also a young sycamore right next to it. If you know the hedge owner a word in season might be appreciated as if its left it will get huge.

27 Jun, 2018


Oo, you're right about the sycamore. Well spotted Steragram!

30 Jun, 2018


I see sycamore and ash seedlings in my sleep here - think I must be programmed to spot them by now!

1 Jul, 2018

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