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Leaves on the tips of my salix flamingo have gone crisp, recent hot weather and plant watered first thing in morning, any tips and what should I do about the crisp leaves? Its in its original pot on a balcony too.



Salix are not the most suitable plants to be grown in a container. If you want to keep this plant, then I would put it in the largest possible pot and perhaps water morning and evening in the hot weather.

27 Jun, 2018


if the crisp leaves are unsightly then snip them off. they will not rehydrate and will drop off anyway.

27 Jun, 2018


This plant does not like hot sunshine - it does better in partial or dappled shade, especially when the sun is hottest in the middle of the day. As already said, give it water morning and evening in hot weather, a good soak each time such that it runs out the bottom of the pot. If its running out immediately you water, that means the soil in the pot is too dry.

27 Jun, 2018


Thank you, I have removed plant from outside and watered a plenty and removed some of the dead leaves, hopefully I can revive it and plant it in a bigger pot at the weekend.

27 Jun, 2018

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