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By Anneth

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

I have dead headed my baskets as theu were falling down the side and going.limp and flat in the middle I water every morning and evening if needed and also put plabt feed once a fortnight as instructed on the feed instructions but they just dont seem to be re blooming. Any tips?

Img_20180627_093731 Img_20180627_093709 Img_20180627_093653



How long has the basket been planted with these pansies, and is it in full sun all day?

27 Jun, 2018


Pansies do get stressed in the heat. Has it been hot lately?

27 Jun, 2018


Yes it has but I keep them topped up with water theu are in sun half the day of the morning. Not sure how long been pla ted as I boughtthem already planted in baskets and flowered x

27 Jun, 2018


I fear they have exhausted themselves Anneth. You could try cutting them back quite there's only a couple of inches of growth left and they might come back beautifully for you, but tbh, looking at them I think I'd tip them out and get some new ones. If they do come back again, it will take a while.

27 Jun, 2018


I agree with the consensus here. Pansies are cool/cold weather plants. They go dormant about now, but will come back in the Fall. They simply run out of gas. I would give your baskets a makeover. Install some summer blooming annuals

27 Jun, 2018


Ahhhh gutted. Thank you. They have a gel layer in them should I scrap that too?

29 Jun, 2018


Usually better if you do, but not always necessary. If it has turned brown, I would discard it: it has absorbed too many toxins.

30 Jun, 2018

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