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Our Passion Flower, purchased last year, was about 3’ high. We’ve trained it along a fence and up the pergola. It grows so quickly! Last year we had a few flowers, but this year we have been truly spoilt by its’ beauty. So many flowers. I’ve just noticed a few ‘pods’ have appeared. I understand they’re not edible, I haven’t opened one up to see what’s inside, but could I plant the seed for new plants?

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They are edible, but you have to wait for them to turn almost orange before they are. They're fairly bland but quite pleasant. You can grow from seed and so long as you do not have a named variety, they will come true, see below

27 Jun, 2018


Thank you Bamboo. Very informative x

28 Jun, 2018


Yes! As Bamboo said, they are edible, I love them, so sweet, Ha! Seeds can get in your teeth though LOL.
Mmmm! I have a white one growing, I wonder if I can eat those seeds? x
I just looked it up & I can eat them Mmmm! Yummy LOL.
Dont eat them when they are green though as you will have a right stomach ache :o((

28 Jun, 2018


Not answering your question, but i have to say how glorious it looks. I'm very impressed at how quickly it's grown.

29 Jun, 2018

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