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Thank you for the help on my last question. I have another 'what is it?' query. I have planted this myself from seeds i found in a plain envelope. I might have gathered them on a country lane but I have no memory of it.

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Liatris spicata. Nice spikes of blue flowers. (There are pink ones too but if you gathered these wild they are most likely the blue.)

29 Jun, 2018


I think its Linaria purpurea, purple toadflax. this is a nice plant but seeds freely.

29 Jun, 2018


Yes, Linaria. I have purple and pink ones. They do seed freely but can easily be weeded out if unwanted. I find them a useful plant as they'll flower in partial shade and poor soil. I 'help' them to scatter their seed around.
Defintely a 'keeper' in my opinion.

29 Jun, 2018


Oh thank you so much ! I did see one blue flower right at the top of one but that's all. Im so glad I know what it is, I looked for ages on google 😊👍🏻

29 Jun, 2018


They are a bit invasive but the bees adore the flowers so I've let them roam free in my tiny garden.

29 Jun, 2018


Wonder why I remembered spicata then? Are they very different?

29 Jun, 2018


They are nice in small clumps to give height but just pull them out if they are in the wrong place or too many . Trim back when flowers finish or seeds go everywhere. Pretty pink, pale purple and blue varieties .

29 Jun, 2018


Liatris has long thin leaves that come up from the base Steragram.

4 Jul, 2018

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