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Hi All!
I have just harvested my Pentland Javelin and have a fairly good crop. Like before though the pots are all different sizes with a few like marbles. I grow my pots in bags and give them enough fertiliser so am wondering if this is normal or if I might be doing something wrong I have not found out about. Any advice would be appreciated.



The ones in the supermarkets are all graded for size and the smallest ones go for pig food. They used to be called "pig potatoes" if that's any comfort. You can avoid it to some extent by selective harvesting, if you dig around carefully enough!

29 Jun, 2018


You can throw the small ones into a beef stew, or home made chicken soup. They are perfect for that.

29 Jun, 2018


Thanks as usual Steragram and Bathgate! Pig food eh? I am actually vegetarian so I will give the beef stew and chicken soup a miss. I will though boil them and put them in a salad. I did this last year. Verrry small but tasty! From what you both suggest, it seems like professionals also get their fair share of pig potatoes!

29 Jun, 2018


Nobody said you had to make beef stew or chicken soup. Those were merely suggestions to point you in another direction for the general readership. How would I know if you're vegetarian?

29 Jun, 2018


Don't forget to put a sprig of mint in the pan when you boil them...

29 Jun, 2018


Sorry to offend you Bathgate. This was not my intention.

I'll consider the mint next time Steragram.

30 Jun, 2018


That's Ok, sometimes people forget this is open forum and hundreds of people are reading this. I don't take it personally.

1 Jul, 2018


Yes, I forgot it was open forum. This being the case, there might be vegetarians and vegans looking in. I don't think people would be interested in my potatoes though!

1 Jul, 2018

How do I say thanks?

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