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Trellis planting ideas


By Pb123

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I'm having a new trellis erected to divide my seaside garden. It's 22', free-standing and oriented E-W in an open sunny spot. I'll definitely have at least 1 clematis and have decided against roses as I don't want anything prickly there. Other planting suggestions please?



Trachelospermum jasminoides; Passiflora varieties, possibly Akebia quinata if there's a bit that's slightly less sunny, as well as the ubiquitous clematis. But do check the height and spread of everything before making your final choice, as well as choosing a clematis carefully - if you want it to mix in with other climbers, probably best to choose a Prune Group 2 variety because they don't need pruning. Pruning can be difficult once all the plants grow... The first two mentioned are evergreen...

Clematis, by the way, won't climb up a trellis, it needs thinner supports (as in clematis mesh or pea sticks) to cling to - but later, it will scramble over the other plants.

29 Jun, 2018


You can fasten your clematis to your trellis with 'twisties' or 'loopy loops' which you can make yourself from heavy gauge wire from the home store or hardware store; or those clear plastic garbage bag ties.

29 Jun, 2018


Thanks! I think a passiflora might do the job.

30 Jun, 2018

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