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Protecting veg - It's cold!


By Peter

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Having just heard what seems was common knowledge about the expected cold, do I need to do anything to protect my veg? Nothing was mentioned about minimum temperatures on the packs, I assumed they were OK as they said overwintering.

I'm concerned about my senshyu yellow onions, overwintering cabbage, garlic thermidrome, and spinach.

Thanks :o)



I don't know about your specific crops, but don't forget that cold is normal and expected. Some plants should be protected from frost, and the care instructions will tell you this. Some crops benefit from frost -- for example parsnips are sweeter after a frost.

A good cold snap does a fine job of culling garden pests.

Spring bulbs respond to frost as a signal to develop.

3 Jan, 2008


Thanks ukslim, mine said nothing about protecting from the cold so hopefully they'll be fine.

3 Jan, 2008


This 'cold' snap is only going to last about 36 hours - I think it's a storm in a teacup. Certainly we had colder nights in November and December here. And a blanket of snow protects roots from freezing conditions - just shake the snow off branches of larger evergreens to prevent them getting broken by the extra weight

3 Jan, 2008


Definitely a storm in a tea cup - no snow and not even particularly cold.

5 Jan, 2008


The cold snap will kick start your garlic and a good frost gives you extra tasty veg. I never pick my brussels until they have had a good frosting.

6 Jan, 2008

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