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By Waddy

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Last year we bought a grape-vine which although may go outside, we have in a very large pot in the conservatory. My question is why are the grapes not swelling? They have developed but are now turning black but are not much bigger than a small pea. It gets lots of water and is otherwise healthy

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Probably its the restriction of roots by the pot - I have known people who plant the vine just outside, in the ground, and train the growth inside, usually in conservatories which have a glass roof, and this is usually very successful, giving good crops of grapes so long as they get sufficient sun through the glass.

1 Jul, 2018


I agree with bamboo. also there are a lot of grapes in each bunch. next year remove a 3rd of them and then the remaining ones will be bigger providing they get plenty of water.

1 Jul, 2018


Thank you ladies. The nursery we bought it from told us it would be fine in a pot, if it was a very large one (which it is) unfortunately Bamboo, we haven't a suitable place in our garden to plant it. Perhaps we'll just have to enjoy it as a shading plant in the conservatory in the summer.

2 Jul, 2018


Well you could certainly try reducing the number of grapes per bunch next year, that might help. You'd have fewer grapes, but maybe they'd be bigger

2 Jul, 2018


We'll give it a try. Thanks !

2 Jul, 2018


I had a Grape Vine in a Greenhouse once where I used to live & with Scissors & Tweezers I used to cut some of the grapes out from the bunch so the rest could swell & reduce the amount of bunches too, if you go on youtube there would most probably be a video on there that could help :o)) Good Luck x

3 Jul, 2018


Thanks Goldengirl :-)

3 Jul, 2018


The Tweezers are so not to touch the bloom on the grapes.

4 Jul, 2018



5 Jul, 2018

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