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My 'Dicksonia Antarctica' fern has not sprouted any new leaves this summer. I've kept it well moist too. Also my palm doesn't seem to be growing after I pruned the foliage!! Are they dieing? The 'Dicksonia Antarctica', the fur still looks healthy.

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As far as the palm is concerned, I would only remove the outer leaves as they die. Have a look in the very centre and there should be some new shoots. Perhaps water around with some diluted sulphate of ammonia to give it a nitrogen lift.
When and where did you buy the Dicksonia? It looks as though it was a last year's purchase by the way it's been pruned. As they come from Tasmania they might not be suitable in a open aspect. If you bought it from a local garden centre (I know it is an expensive plant), they might have a hardy plant guarantee of between two and five years. If is doesn't improve within a month of so, I would get in touch with the garden centre and see what they can do.

2 Jul, 2018


Hi, whether or not the garden centre has a hardy plant guarantee is irrelevant, Dicksonia antarctica is only frost hardy, not fully hardy, which means it can withstand short periods down to 23o f, so the 'beast from the east' has probably seen it off, I agree with Jimmy as regards the palm, Derek.

2 Jul, 2018


Thank you, I think the beast from the East has probably seen them both off. I will leave them in and see if they recover. Derek, my Dicksonia Antartica is in it's 4th year. I pruned the old leaves back at the beginning of spring to make way for new foliage which hasn't occurred.

3 Jul, 2018

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