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Due to the lack of rain & waterbutts being empty I having to give my Acer's tap water which has lime in, will it harm them, I have filled some waterbutts up with tap water and left it for a few days before using it, will that help?



I'm not sure if prolonged watering with fresh tap water will kill your acers because they are lime tolerant to a certain degree but using water that has been lying for several days is a good idea no matter what you are watering. I fill my water butt from the tap and then leave it for a few days before using it. I'm sure someone will be able to give more specific directions.

3 Jul, 2018


Letting it stand won't reduce the lime content - it will get rid of the chlorine in it (after about 30 minutes) but your acer will cope wiht ab bit of lime.

3 Jul, 2018


It’s either tap water of nothing:o(( at the moment, or pond water LOL
xx Golden Girl/LadyEssex1:o))

3 Jul, 2018

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