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Do I chop my Golden Hop?

Darwen, Lancs, United Kingdom Gb

I'm a complete novice where plants are concerned but, to my complete amazement, a cutting I took from a Golden Hop (Humulus Lupulus) in June has 'taken' and has sprouted to about 3 foot. It now adorns my conservatory window sill looking very healthy and (acid) green. However, the ones in my garden which I planted in Spring are now starting to look a little brown near the roots although still sprouting a lot of new leaves from the tips. My 'green fingered' sister has advised me to chop the outdoor hops at ground level when they are obviously on the way out and they should come back vigorously next year. My problem is what do I do with the baby currently in my conservatory? Do I give it the chop as well? If so, when? Where do I keep it? (I havent yet invested in a cold frame) and when can I plant it out? Sorry if I sound a bit simple but am still at the bottom of the learning curve as far as plants are concerned.



They are very vigorous growers and hard to get rid of - I've been trying to 'lose' one this year! Yes, they do die back for the winter and then start growing again in early spring. They leave the dead tough stems behind! Your baby needs somewhere not too warm, as it may keep growing otherwise. I think that on balance I would take the risk of planting it out - but leave its stem on so you know where it is!

16 Aug, 2008


Yes i agree with Spritzhenry. I would plant it between some other plants for now, so it's sheltered and then i would move it at the end of February to somewhere more permanant. They can grow to over 30 feet, mine is about 25 feet after 5 years.

16 Aug, 2008


Rather than plunge your 'baby' straight outside, get it used to the conditions outside the conservatory first. For a week or so, put it outside during the day but bring it back in overnight then leave it out 24/7 for another week. It should then be ready for planting

17 Aug, 2008


Thank you very much for the advice regarding my fledgling hop. Will be letting it play out tomorrow and, once acclimatised, will plant it in a sheltered spot with a very large marker so I don't lose it. Cheers!

17 Aug, 2008

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