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Yucca Elephantides outdoor has broken its terraccotta pot! Its summer now and hot here in London. I would like to try and grow a new plant from a cutting but worried its not the right time of year? Or should I go for it? Any advice is appreciated.




You'll never know until you try. Cut a piece that will hardly be noticed and give it a go. I've never grown this plant, but I would start it in a sheltered position - out of the scorching heat.

3 Jul, 2018


well the indoor house plants are dead easy.Cut a length of stem about 4" long and the root end/ bottom of the piece pushed into compost and kept just moist [sheltered from strong sun and wind] should root in about 6 weeks.

I used to do this as an A-level practical with 3ft lengths of stem from the multi stemmed plant in the greenhouse. the root end was cut diagonal and the top end horizontal. that way if the stems rolled on the floor [they often did] we knew which way up it was meant to be.

you can try pushing the top of the stem with its leaves with a 4/5" legth of stem. but the water loss may make it not survive. you would get new growth from the top of the cut end of the stem.

hope this makes sense. my brain is frazzled as all day I have been designing a quilt [king sized] for September.

3 Jul, 2018


welcome to GoY as well by the way :o)

3 Jul, 2018

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