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I have had rampant garden bamboo in my gardenfor fifty years and even my. very fit grandson is finding it hard to cut back I think it grows a foot a day : the price one pays to live in mild CornwallCan any one suggest a suitable tool



To cut back or dig out?

ps I live in Northumberland and have just removed a rampant bamboo! :-)

30 Aug, 2010


bamboo is realy tough and is tollerent of many soils and conditions . if you want it out you nead to cut it down but leave enough to pull on ofcourse . then cut it out a bit of at a time .id use an axe for chopping it into managable pieces and a realy good spade and maybe even a pick axe . its still going to be a very hard job im afraid as it does hold on well.

30 Aug, 2010


I'd try to get rid of it with Roundup. I suspect that if you try to eradicate it you will not get all of it anyway. Cut each stem and paint it immediately with neat Roundup solution. If you leave it just a few minutes the stem will have sealed itself so you need to cut and paint, cut & paint.

30 Aug, 2010


I can hear a jingle for Roundup coming there Beattie. :-)

30 Aug, 2010


LOL :-)

30 Aug, 2010


honestly id be surprised if round up worked as i tried a weed killer to on mine but if it does that would very very handy for lots of people i suspect beatie .

31 Aug, 2010


"I can hear a jingle for Roundup coming there Beattie."

I'm rubbish with the hoover... :-)

31 Aug, 2010


well i wish you good luck lol

1 Sep, 2010

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