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Replacing a conifer.
My husband has at last, reluctantly, agreed to replacing this conifer with something smaller and prettier. As you can see in the second photo I’ve already made a start in hacking it down in case he changes his mind! We both love the Sambucus Nigra further along the same bed but would prefer something different and less imposing than the conifer. I find I often have to cut the Sambucus back as it gets to big anyway. Any ideas for an attractive shrub please?

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Please have a look at the A-Z at the foot of this page. Then choose S for Shrubs. You can see the shrubs other members are growing, whether they are evergreen or deciduous, coloured foliage or flowers etc. When you see some plants you like it is easier to choose something special to replace your conifer. You can ask more questions about growing and pruning etc. I hope this is helpful.

4 Jul, 2018


Phsocarpus with its striking yellow foliage and masses of white flowers would brighten that area up and would contrast well with the Sambucus in the adjacent border, it’s deciduous and does well for pruning so you can keep it relatively small, or what about Daphnie odora evergreen and in the summer masses of wonderful fragrant flowers, you can get them with slight variegated leaves.

5 Jul, 2018


Thanks for that.

5 Jul, 2018

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