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By Chinwig

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

I grow bonsai, try to, have a firethorn plant ive repotted, seems to be struggling , half the leaves have turned brown and fallen, have green berrys forming, turn red in about November time I think , keeping a watch on the watering, to little to much? my question is would it be beneficial to cut all the green berrys forming, off, would all that energy go into the main plant , or would it not help at all? wont to save this plant, hope you can help , tony



Welcome to GoY, Chinwig!
I would cut off the berries, and some of the remaining foliage--unless it is getting really bare! That is assuming that all of this happened right after repotting and root pruning. If it happened later, please tell us the whole history, and inspect it closely for pests.

4 Jul, 2018


ok thank you will cut of the rest of the berrys, has ive already cut off half already, it seems nothing is growing much , no new shots , the only plants growing well seem to be the pine trees , thank for your help , let you no how I get on , tony thanks

8 Jul, 2018


Hmm...sounds suspiciously like it missed a watering or two. Pines are much more resistant to damage from that. Unfortunately, I'm not qualified to talk of watering frequency in Essex, since I live in the desert!

9 Jul, 2018

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