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rampant wellestablished bamboo What is the best tool to cut it down? I know it will grow again but at least it will not be ten feet high for a while. I think it grows a foot a day!!!!!!! price I pay tolive in Mild Cornwall I think I must rent a Panda



some bamboo grows 18" a day so our not wrong . i think a lopper like you use for cutting down trees and if you can cut a few at a time .

30 Aug, 2010


Bambo was popular here in Denmark 20 odd years ago, its everywhere, most people who want to get rid of it hire a professional to blow it out of the ground using explosives!

I dug ours out with a pick-axe, it took a little time and left some rather large holes. Wear some good gloves, its a sharp as a razor.

You have to get all the root that breaks off or else it will soon be back.

Good luck!


30 Aug, 2010


Scroll down to the letter B at the bottom of the page, then click on Bamboo, there is a lot of helpful information on Bamboo. I have vowed never to plant it again, it even pushed out the log roll edging of the raised border in which it thrived !

30 Aug, 2010


it pushed in my concrete pond shirley lol .
i bet a decent hedgetrimmer or electric chainsaw would do well .
the other option is what cotgeo has said im afraid .
you have to respect it as its amazingly tolerent .
bamboo is some things to all men and all things to some men .
the first ever light bulb philliment was made of bamboo lol .

31 Aug, 2010


I've just found bamboo shooting again from where I dug it out three years ago, like Noseypotter says, it very tolerent!

The bit I found only had about a inch of root, but the new leaf was about 2 foot long hidding behind our cherry tree - sneaky.

I'm wondering if I can eat the root ??

9 Sep, 2010


you can eat the new shoots cotgeo there nice raw even if you get them just as they come up .

9 Sep, 2010

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