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Can anyone ID these please? They’re just growing in shingle.

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Oxalis and Scarlet Pimpernel would be my opinion.

5 Jul, 2018


Yes. Oxalis cornuta aka Bermudan buttercup. Now classed as one of the most widespread and pernicious weeds, worldwide.
Scarlet pimpernel, another wide spreading seed weed. Anagallis arvensis.

5 Jul, 2018


agree with the id's. I love scarlet pimpernel, a plant I used to see on childhood walks.
hate the oxalis as it is a weed in the greenhouse and very difficult to dig out from between the pavers.

5 Jul, 2018


Agree, dodn't let the Oxalis get a foothold and especially don't let it flower (ie set seed...)

6 Jul, 2018


But the scarlet pimpernel is a pretty wildflower and not as widespread as it once was. I wouldn't pull them up unless they are in the wrong place for you. They are not pernicious like the oxalis and we all need to do our bit to preserve our wildflowers.

6 Jul, 2018

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