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I have a problem attacking my rose bushes. It starts with the established leaves going spotty (Picture 1), then as the new leaves form they curl (Picture 2), finally my roses end up looking as you can see in Picture 3 with no leaves on the stems. Has anyone any idea what is wrong, and more importantly, how can I cure it? My roses are precious to me and have sentimental value and I really don't want to lose them so any help would be appreciated.

Dscf1697 Dscf1698 Dscf1699



There are many viruses, rusts, mildew and aphids which attack roses. You need to have a regime of spraying with something like Roseclear. The bottom line is that you need to start spaying even before leaf burst and at stages though the season to give you protection. Clear and destroy all fallen leaves and start spraying now.

6 Jul, 2018


The first picture looks like a fungus disease, the second like rose midge, and the third like a beetle attack.

7 Jul, 2018

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