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By Cynthia

Michigan, United States Us

How to prevent or at least not spread. This is a leaf on a hollyhock flower. Thank you




Hollyhock rust. Only way to avoid it is not to grow them at all.

7 Jul, 2018


Pick off the affected leaves & add a thick layer of mulch. Keep the area weed free for good air movement & sun. It's caused by fungal spores which are splashed up upon the lower leaves, then it spreads. Avoid 'overhead' watering.

8 Jul, 2018


there are also some rust resistant varieties that you may consider growing.

8 Jul, 2018


Thank you for the info on my hollyhock issue.

8 Jul, 2018


I have grown many and have to say I have never had serious problems with rust but I must say you must cut off any signs and dispose of properly because rust can affect other plants as well ,also many of my hollyhock do regrow for another year.

10 Jul, 2018

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