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Does anyone know why has this daylily got three parts to pollinate? Stigma? It looks very strange close up.




Nope, just a slight bobble on the part of the plant. Three of the anthers (male parts) are slightly deformed. The stigma is the filament with the triangular tip in the middle.

9 Jul, 2018


yes I agree the stigma is correct but some of the stamens haven't separated into individual anthers[the tip that has the pollen ] and filaments [the stalks that hold the filaments aloft]

9 Jul, 2018


There are a couple of deformities (good and bad) that happen with daylilies. If it was a double, the stamen can develop into extra petaloid material and gives the appearance of a petal with the anther on the end. It is called a Peony type Double. It is when the pistil deforms that the flower (but not the plant) becomes sterile. If a second pistil does happen, both are also sterile.

9 Jul, 2018


Thanks for all that information. Just a bit of a blip this year then hopefully.

9 Jul, 2018

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