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By Spoons

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

hello lovelies.
i am a beginner, having only taken an interest in the last 5 or 6 years, i have managed to get a few bits growing in our small walled garden and my query is this, can i move one of my sweet peas as it doesn't look like i planted it in the right place, its only got to about 40cm whereas the other one i have is going bonkers.. i was late putting it in.



Welcome to Growsonyou Spoons, someone will soon let you know what to do about your Sweet Pea.
Jackie :0))

10 Jul, 2018


I reckon that you'd be safer enjoying it where it is, especially in this very dry weather. Its only an annual so its position doesn't have long term consequences...
Make sure it has enough water.

(Another year you might find sweet peas are more effective planted in groups with something to climb up together.)

10 Jul, 2018

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