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Can someone ID this plant for me, it self seeds everywhere & I love it :o))

Img_1642 Img_1641



It looks like a Herbaceous perennial Potentilla. There is also a shrub but this looks like soft foliage to me. It is very pretty.

10 Jul, 2018


Potentilla recta warrenii, a real seed weed too!

10 Jul, 2018


but a nice one none the less. Could I be cheeky and ask for some seed later in the year?

10 Jul, 2018


Seed is ready now.

11 Jul, 2018


Mine hasn't gone to seed yet but I will send you some when they have, I will Private Message you when they have seeds on :o)) Jackie xx

12 Jul, 2018


thank you ladyessex1

12 Jul, 2018


Sorry, but the female half of this gardening partnership, chopped all ours down this morning, so no seeds.

12 Jul, 2018


the male half does that in our garden so I know what it feels like :o)

13 Jul, 2018


Keeping an eye, waiting for the seed pods to dry :o))
Jackie x

17 Jul, 2018


I now have some seeds Seaburngirl, I could send you what I have so far, they are really tiny so it doesn’t look a lot, if you wait another week it should produce more, I will private message you soon for your address :o))
Jackie x

20 Jul, 2018


Hi Seaburngirl. I have sent you a private message :o))
Jackie x

21 Jul, 2018

How do I say thanks?

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