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I have 2 early miss going in a aero garden bounty. I'm new to this so I thought that would be a good way to start to much figure out the marijuana plant i was growing Right now there are little white spot starting to REALLY show up in the bigger one. The second no so much. It also appears that the beauty's are starting to claw?? The root mass is pretty famnominal. I'm using ph perfect grow micro and bloom. Any help?



You are not likely to get any answers on here, you need one of the many (usually medical) cannabis growing groups or sites for that information. Since Early Miss is usually grown for medical purposes, I assume that's why you're trying it. There are a lot that give growing advice, but membership can be difficult to achieve in the UK because its still, sadly, illegal to grow it, even if it is for medicinal purposes. I suggest you try some of the American sites, there's a lot more of those, or Dutch ones - but first mention whether you're growing outdoors or inside. might give growing advice, or there's a basic guide here to indoor growing

13 Jul, 2018

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