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Hi, my cordyline has gone mad this year ,loads of side shoots up the main trunk and base shoots , just want to know do I leave it alone or do I remove them !!



Hi, welcome to GoY, it depends on whether you want 1 trunk, straight up and down, or you want a more bushy plant, I personally like them better when they're bushy, so you can either take them off, or leave alone, the choice is yours, Derek.

13 Jul, 2018


One or two shoots isn't abnormal, but lots of shoots from the base or lower stem can indicate the plant is stressed - is it in a pot or in the ground? Any chance of a photo?

13 Jul, 2018


Well ....if I remove some of the side shoots and replant them , are the likely to take ?? I've had success with the Base shoots as they have some roots on. Cheers 😊

17 Jul, 2018


Very unlikely without root material attached, but if you're cutting them off anyway, worth a try if you've spare compost.

17 Jul, 2018

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