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When the flower falls off a fushia should you remove the pod that’s left behind, it swells and turns a dark colour will this mean the plant will stop producing flowers and go to seed if you do not remove. I have some large flowering fushias and this is not a problem but le Campanella that has numerous small flowers is quite time consuming, so was wondering if it has to be done. Also do fushias prefer semi shade to full sunlight as some seem to have scorched leaves and I only water in evenings so not from that.



It's not essential to remove the fruit if a seedpod is forming, they are edible actually, once ripe, though they're not particularly delicious, but if you can, clip them off, especially if the whole bush is covered in them, The odd one or two left on the plant won't hurt - although they form these pods, many of them don't have any seeds within anyway.

14 Jul, 2018


They certainly are happy in semi shade but seem quite tolerant of full sun as long as they don't dry out.

14 Jul, 2018


Oh, I missed that part of the question altogether, sorry! I've found they do much better in semi shade, sort of half a day's sun or dappled sunlight myself...

14 Jul, 2018

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